Nearest Events Not Yet Done, Done

Prior to twenty-nineteen I had not being paying much attention to my NENYDs (Nearest Event Not Yet Done). For some reason, that I may yet regret, I decided that my parkrun aim for 2019 would be to once each month tick off my NENYD.

Parkrun's Ex-sponsors

Parkrun HQ seem to have lost a few sponsors in the time that I’ve been running, here are the ones I can recall.

Parks Only Once Run

This being a list of the parkruns I have only completed once.

Quantifying PBs

I did my first parkrun in 37’48, since then I have set 24 PBs, my current PB is now 964 seconds (or about 16 minutes) faster than my original parkrun. This shows an improvement of approximately 42.50%

Selfie-frame Selfies

In early 2019 parkrun UK introduced ‘Selfie Frames’, at the time many people doubted that they could be used for taking a selfie. I decided to prove those nay-sayers wrong, and have tried to take a selfie using the frame at each parkrun I’ve attended with one available.

The Chain

On one of the parkrun related facebook groups a while ago people were comparing the number of different parkruns they had done starting with each letter of the alphabet, sort of like an extended version of alphabet bingo. This was then followed by comparing the number of events they had done starting with the same two letters.

The Wall

Trying to buld a pryamid of event numbers.

Thoughts on a smugprickness rating

Inspired by an article shared on a certain parkrun discussion group on Facebook entitled “98% Of Couples Who Go Jogging Together Are Smug Pricks, Finds Study” I decided to attempt to quantify a smugprickness rating.

Volunteer Numbers Anecdata

There is a frequent ‘debate’ on facebook and other venues over the amount of volunteers required to safely run a parkrun. In the interest of furthering this debate, and because I already had the data stored, I present the following table showing the number of runners and volunteers at each event I have attended. I have included the date and an event identifier so that trends or changes over time may be tracked.

parkrun Meta Games

An incomplete list of some of the parkrun Meta Games that some people like to play.

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