Here are the parkrun days I have missed since my first ever parkrun.

All Weather Volunteer

The running challenges extension was recently updated to include a couple of new badges. One of which was for running at least once in every calendar month. The parkrun website lacks the required information to do the same for volunteering, but I don’t

Animated Route Map

I have started to slow laborious process of generating an animated route map for each different event I have been to with a working watch.

Course Bests and Course Worsts

This being a table of my best and worst times at each of the parkruns I’ve attended.

Cryptic Clues

Here are a few cryptic clues that refer to just some of the parkruns I have attended.

Faster than First Female Finisher (FFFF)

Another one of Mr Line’s creations, a list of parkruns where I was faster than the first female finisher.

Misspelling of parkrun Names

Once again Eillot Line proves to be a bad influence. Not content with Inventing the very idea of NENYDs, making me measure how far away each parkrun is to calculate my MOFAR, and encouraging people to come up with Cryptic Clues on the 26th of August 2019, while everyone else was enjoying the Bank Holiday he posted in parkrun laughs a list of slightly misspelled parkrun names.

Most Overdue For a Revisit

Elliott Line, of parkrun Stats fame, has been promoting the idea of a Most Overdue For a Revisit or MOFAR ranking to decided which parkruns are in the most urgent need of a revisit. I have attempted to steal this idea and calculate my own.

Nearest Event Not Yet Sub-28

This being a table of the parkruns I’ve attended, but not yet set a sub 28 PB.

Nearest Event Not Yet Sub-30

This being a table of the parkruns I’ve attended, but not yet set a sub 30 PB.

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