My reflections on Bedworth parkrun ()

About a month prior I had decided that if I was going to do justice to the half-marathon I should probably not race parkrun the day before. However upon checking the future rosters for all my local events it seems everyone else must have had the same idea for there were no tail-walking vacancies. I decided to check Bedworth, as it is the home parkrun of one of the parkrun discusion groups on facebook, and discovered they had a vacancy which I instantly applied for despite only having run the course once before. In the mean time Gem had volunteered to do course set-up and so I got dragged into that too.

Three early-morning trains got us to the park for half-seven in the morning, where we walked around placing some of the important signs and cones. I only put one sign in the wrong place, and Gem only destroyed one of them. Eventually we made it back to the start line in time for the run.

I was accompanied by three other tail walkers, so got to engage in some conversation, and even a little overtaking. I completed the run, without running in 5705, in position 215 (119th Male, 10th SM30-34)) out of about 215

After the run we retired to the cafe, where I discovered that a token-sorting vacancy had arisen, but that it was already filled before I had a chance to volunteer, so once again I was denied the diamonds.

🏗️️️ 🚶

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