My parkrun Quotients

For reasons, probably best known only to themselves, some parkrun geeks have created a number of parkrun quotients that they can use to compare and compete with other parkrunners.

On this page I'll attempt to list some of mine...

My Position Quotient: 43.48%

My Tourist Quotient: 28.82%

This is described by Running Challenges as the percentage of parkrun events attended that you had not been to before. The formula for this is is events/parkruns or e/p. 81/281 gives me a score of 28.83%

My Asymptotic Tourist Quotient: 28.72%

Elliot Line invented the ‘asymptotic tourist quotient’ or ATQ to address short commings in how the TQ is calculated for people with few parkruns completed. His formula e/(p+1). 81/(281+1) results in a score of 28.72%

My Airey Tourist Quotient: 57.65%

Geoff Airey proposed that a tourist quotient should be a measure of all parkruns other than the home parkrun, this was a surprisingly controversial viewpoint. (p-h)/p. (281-119)/281 gives me a score of 57.65%

My Smugness Quotient: 36.52%

‎Richard David Leaper‎ defined the 'smugness quotient' as volunteer credits/parkruns or v/p. 103/281 gives me a score of 36.52%

My Truancy Quotient: 2.13%

I defined the original truancy quotient as (Saturdays not at parkrun)/(Saturdays since first attended parkrun), using what were at the time easy figures for me to remember, that formula 8/374 would get me a score of 2.13%

My Aldered Truancy Quotient: 16.84%

Stevie T proposed a change to my Truancy Quotient to make it slightly simpler, his formula was (Number of saturdays since started - number of parkruns completed)/(Number if Saturdays since started), which failed to take into account non-running attendances ie. volunteering, so it was quickly amended to (Number of saturdays since started - (number of parkruns completed + total number of volunteer credits that are not pre/post volunteer roles))/(Number if Saturdays since started), which if I have understood correctly is (374-(281+30))/374 giving me a score of 16.84%

My Evilness Quotient: 10.52%

Simon Williams proposed the evilness quotient multiply the number of parkruns you've done by the number of different events for x. Multiply your PB (rounded down to the nearest minute) by the number of occasions you've volunteered for y. Then divide x by y. The higher the number the more 😈 you are. Using his formula ((281)(81))/((21)(103)) I get a score of 10.52%

My Prosecco Quotient: 8.54% or 19.22% or maybe 47.33%

At its most basic the formula for this is Prosecco Worthy PBs / Number of runs, but there are competing standards for what makes a Prosecco Worthy PB:

The strict interpretation of the rules counts only true (overall) PBs (24)

The moderate interpretation counts both PBs and (course PB) CBs (54)

The relaxed interpretation of the rules counts PBs, CBs and 1st visits (133)