My reflections on East Park parkrun ()

six am alarm call / surprised by such bright sunlight / it proved deceptive quickly grab barcode / my keys and the touring book / step out now so cold the bus sailing by / springtime journey slight delay / mile walk to next stop arrived at east park / the happy runners chilling / warm hearts in cool winds almost nine gather / briefed and welcomed and walked / book mule maybe found runners amassing / their place by pace determined / count to three then go just the three short laps / only two more now to go / then seems longest last final hill legs done / a friendly voice encourages / one push to the end finish awaits us / with cheers of celebration / position token barcodes safely scanned / sitting now upon this bench / resting eating fruit book handed over / many photos do prove it / my work here complete the last runners done / the course all dismantled / so on to the cafe coffee awaits us / with good conversation too / the hour slips away the day then warmer / journeying home to type this / smiling contently


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