Stranger Danger ()

So it came to pass that the parkrun laughs Queen of Sadness summoned all her subjects to Leeds.

I reluctantly agreed to go for the city still held one Wetherspoon that I had yet to visit, and also she had won free megabus tickets. All of the saddos met at Woodhouse Moor parkrun, where there was much hugging, prosseco and far too many selfies - all to be subject to a Sky documentary sometime in April.

My time for the 2.8 mile parkrun was 26’52, I finished 285th (221st Male, 26th SM30-34), this was 401 positions better than our Queen and possibly the fastest time of any saddo there that day?

Immediately following the parkrun there was a challenging orienteering event, as we attempted to find the après-parkrun at the Opposite Café, we eventually found it and enjoyed a very frothy coffee.

Later that day most of the saddos met up again for a (mostly liquid) brunch, followed by a trip to another pub to replenish lost fluids, followed by a trip to tesco for more essential fluids (Jack Daniel’s Aniseed Balls favoured fluids), we had a short race (which I lost) and we had a boat ride. All of these events were well documented in the group much to the annoyance of everybody who could not make the event.

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