parkrun milestones

On this page I list some of the milestones I have achieved, and also for future milestones the Earliest Possible Date I could reach them (based on having completed 281 parkuns by 2023-02-18). The official (t-shirt) milestones are rewarded 👕. My next round number is 300, with an EPD of 2023-07-01.

Milestone Reached EPD
50 👕 2016-12-24
100 👕 2017-12-09
250 👕 2022-06-18
500 👕 2027-05-01
750 🍰 2032-02-14
1000 🍰 2036-11-29
V25 👕 2017-12-09

The EPD is the earliest date on which I could reach a milestone provided I did not miss a single Saturday between now and then. It is inevitable that these dates will slip further into the future when Saturdays are missed due to volunteering or other engagements. It is also possible that the EPD could move closer if parkruns are completed on days other than Saturday (such as Christmas day, or New Years day).