My observations on Ruchill parkrun

Mark's Selfie Frame Selfie at Ruchill parkrun

While up in Glasgow for a 3K race I asked a parkrun discussion group for advice on which of the many fine parkruns in the city I should attempt first, the answer came back the I should run Ruchill for no better reason than it looks like a whale. Whilst that is a good (enough) reason, it fails to take into account all the other factors which make this a great parkrun.

It was quite easy to find the park following the canal towpath from the city. As I arrived quite early (as is my tradition with Scottish parkruns) I had time to explore the park and appreciate to views it provided over the city from their ship mast thing.

This parkrun is nicely undulating, with a particularly difficult downhill section that is tackled three times. The whales tail section also serves to sap energy before launching you back down into another lap.

The après-parkrun in the nearby golf club, took the form of a friendly conversation around a large table, a nice mug of coffee, and a large selection of biscuits and chocolates.

Animated Route Map

I have attended this parkrun 7 times. I have completed it 6 times, and volunteered 2 times.

My runs at Ruchill parkrun

Event Date Time C/PB P. F.PQ
6 205 2022-10-29 26'47 046 078 058
5 156 2021-11-06 25'19 035 073 047
4 107 2019-06-29 49'19 084 084 099
3 090 2019-02-23 24'07 033 083 039
2 058 2018-06-30 22'56 CB 020 064 031
1 037 2018-01-27 25'00 020 051 038

My volunteering at Ruchill parkrun

Event Date RunnersRole
2 144 2021-08-14 101 Pre-event Setup & Timekeeper
1 107 2019-06-29 084 First Timers Briefing & Tail Walker