This is a website I started in August 2018 to provided myself with an online equivalent to the traditional parkrun spreadsheet. At the time it was called pRDB (parkrun Results DataBase) and existed as a subdomain of my personal website, but in September 2018 I acquired the markrun.org domain which has been its home ever since.

The site is built using HUGO from a large number of static (txt and markdown) files, from less than 200 parkun results hugo builds over 2,000 pages in about 20 seconds. It would probably be quicker if my coding were not so sloppy or if I did not keep trying to constantly had new calculations. This website is hosted by Netlify.

This website does not set any cookies, or attempt to steal your personal information.

Most of the tables on this site use sorttable.js to make them sortable. The only other Javascript on this site is Leaflet.js which is used to make a few maps.

Any questions, suggestions, or requests for amendments, can be sent to me by either Jabber/XMPP or email to mark@beech.org.uk